I Deleted You on Facebook

Facebook is a pretty popular website. I’ve had a profile for about 5-6 years now. Facebook gives people a way to reconnect and stay in touch. I love Facebook. I love that I can keep up with my best friends from high school. I love the group message feature when trying to plan get-togethers. I love that I can post links to my blog. I love that my family members have profiles and we can share pictures to stay connected.

However, sometimes Facebook is a little weird. Have you ever noticed how many friends people have on Facebook? Some people, like my dad, are really good at using Facebook for networking. He’s friends with his clients, people on the BBQ circuit, with people in his industry. He has nearly 2,000 friends. For me, I prefer to be friends with… well, my friends on Facebook.

I just recently went through a Facebook “cleanse.” You know, those times where you just start clicking “delete.” I started out with more than 800 friends and I’m now down just below 550. It took a few days to accomplish, but here were my reasons for deleting people.

1. I don’t know you. This is the obvious reason, of course. Sure, we may have 13 friends in common and your profile says you grew up in my hometown— but we’ve never met in person! Why are we cyber “friends”?

2. We haven’t talked in 10 years. There are several claims that say you should never delete your Facebook friends because it could harm future networking opportunities. You can read one of those articles here. But in my opinion, if we haven’t talked since 6th grade math, chances are I won’t be asking you about opportunities at your company down the road.

3. Your posts and pictures are rude, profane, inappropriate, and/or offensive. Look, I don’t mind if you curse in your status update. Whatever, it’s your account. What I’m not okay with is this: racial slurs, derogatory remarks, bullying, inappropriate pictures, crude remarks, etc. I get that you have freedom of speech, but I also have the freedom to click “delete” when that is on my Facebook newsfeed.

I enjoy keeping up with my friends and seeing their updates and pictures. But if you’re falling into one of these three categories, I’ve got to tell you bye.



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